New Building Committee Nate Beelen
Building Committee Wayne Berkompas
Education Committee Nate Beelen
Worship Committee Arla Kostelyk
Events Planning (EPIC) Sue Vansloten
Worship Support
Church Bulletin Kathy Borowski
Prayer Guide John Kostelyk
Greeting Wayne Berkompas
Pianist/Organist Arla Kostelyk
  Julie Kronemeyer
  Dottie Case
Sound System Darrel Hoolsema
Technology and Video Nate Beelen
Flowers Joann Folkersma
Drama Team Kathy Cheney
Choir Director Vacant
Nursery Kathy Borowski
Junior Worship Marilyn Hoolsema
Sunday School Nate and Donell Beelen
Sunday Morning Coffee Kathy Borowski
Education and Social Groups
GEMS Natalie Hoolsema
Cadets Bob Folkersma
Junior Youth Group Vacant
Young Peoples Ryan and Stef Lubben
Vacation Bible School Natalie Hoolsema
Women's Bible Study Sue Vansloten
Men's Group Peter Clegg
Quilting Club Sue Vansloten
Christian School Stef Lubben
Building and Organizational Support
Treasurer Monica Hoolsema
Building Rental & Use Kathy Borowski
Building Maintenance Wayne Berkompas
Church Cleaner Tammy Folkersma
Church Janitor Bruce Berkompas
Church Website Stef Lubben
Facebook Monica Hoolsema
Kitchen Kathy Borowski
Library Karen Gibson
Foster Closet Donell Beelen
Prayer Chain - phone Ann Hoolsema
Prayer Chain - email Kathy Borowski
Funeral Luncheon Sue Vansloten
Church Directory Nate Beelen